TV and Radio Engagements


Travis appearing on CTN (Christian Television Network), discussing his life and book. Release of show to be announced. February 12, 2014.











Travis and Arthlene (Host of Homekeeper) on set after taping of the show. February 12, 2014.










Travis and Arthlene having a snack from the cooking segment of the show.  February 12, 2014.














Travis taping his CBS special in Coconut Grove, Miami. Release of show to be announced.  January 24, 2014.















Travis getting ready to interview for his up coming CBS/WFOR Miami feature special due to air in the fall.













Travis appearing on "Focus on South Florida" show, WFOR/CBS, Miami Florida. September 08, 2013.
































Travis appearing on "The Harvest Show" South Bend, Indiana. August 07, 2013.



















 Travis appearing on a morning TV show called "Daybreak", Channel 4 News in Jacksonville, Florida. June 24, 2013.





























Travis during his first talk radio show at WIOD. June, 2011.




















Travis with radio announcer Jerry Hester at WIOD.   June, 2011.











Travis with NFL star Lorenzo White (Houston Oilers), during talk radio show WIOD.  July, 2011.











Travis, NFL star Lorenzo White (Houston Oilers) and TL Westgate, during talk radio show.  July, 2011.











Travis with Wild Bill Wood, Fox 4 Morning Blend show. First TV interview promoting the book The Westcoast Kid. February, 2011.











Travis, TL Westgate (Creative Inlet Films) with Wild Bill Wood of Fox 4 Morning Blend Show, promoting the documentary, The Westcoast Kid.  September, 2011.